Hello investors,

My name is Will, and I currently run a small fund to trade for my friends, family, and clients interested in making money. I successfully trade the Crypto Markets, Forex, Stocks, and Options. My two main brokers are regulated with Myfxchoice and AAFX Trading.

There is a 2% Quarterly management fee and 20% performance fee every financial quarter. The 20% performance fee is only in effect once the fund achieves a satisfactory level of performance.

When I am making decisions¬†for you as well as me, I am twice as powerful, twice as efficient. I couldn’t live with myself to lose other people’s money.¬†

I run a tight ship. Most of you reading this are aware of my track record. I keep a full audit of my trades using the online journal Edgewonk, and run most of my trade ideas and plays through my personal discord group. Which you can join here: Discord:

If you decide to invest with me, thank for your trust and support!



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