Hello everyone! Here are a few trade ideas. I have been inactive for a week or so as I am working on our public discord and a few personal things. Will try to update this blog much more frequently.

Trade Analysis Week of 5/18-5/25.

BTCUSD – The Great Bitcoin Correction

The price of Bitcoin recently began a correction from 9.9k. After failing to gain momentum from its bounces near 8700/8800, Bitcoin has corrected to a low to around 7950. For those of you that follow me on tradingview, I have had pending bids spreading from 7700-8050 for a week now. The last update to the trade entry had buys at around 8350 and selling a portion over 8700/8800 with a stoploss at 8130. This trade was eventually fully stopped out and was covered depending on how much you sold over 8700. BTC has started to hit our bid entry’s under 8k. This gameplan will continue until we need to reanalyze the bullish bias with bitcoin breaking lower than the red zone shown in the chart shown below.



RLCBTC –RLC Rockets after Partnerships with Intel and Ubisoft. Bullish on RLC for another leg up when they announce V2 at the blockshow in Germany on May 28th. This will be a 10 day swing trade.

rlc UPDATe

IOSTBTC – IOST continues correction after breaking 800 satoshi

IOST has been on a good run for us. It is time to say goodbye for now. I announced on my twitter I was selling all of my IOST at 800 sats. If you follow this blog I hope you were able to take a majority of profits above 700.  The chart below has support zones as we will wait for a price action signal before accumulating again after the correction. IOST coin


Enigma – ENG holding strong at support.

Enigma is solid fundamentally. They have a consistent stream of news upcoming and should make for a decent longer term swing trade.


AELF– Correction into accumulation zone

AELF has a lot of going for it this summer. Look to add more to our overall AELF swing trade soon once this correction is over.



HPB–HPB is almost ready to blossom. 

HPB is a coin that is being accumulated heavily. You can buy it here on Bibox.

High Performance Blockchain or HPB. The founder has been around Blockchain since its creation. Below is a reddit post I found and encourage you to read to learn more about the project.



HPB update


JNT- Another coin recently added to Kucoin

Also started out as a Bibox coin, seems to be an ever growing trend on bibox.

JNT update


Watchlist: RVT

Still doing my research on this one, it has caught my eye and you may see a video featuring this coin soon.



*You can short and long Bitcoin here these trade ideas with me on Bitmex.

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