CryptoCurrency Trade Analysis Week of 5/1-5/5

Remember all information is intended to be for education purposes only and is not financial advise. 

BTCUSD – Bitcoin Shaky or Shakeout?

The price of Bitcoin recently lost momentum after immense profit taking near the 9500-9700 areas. We recently just saw a dip into the accumulation zone. Bitcoin held at 8800 so far, which is currently a higher low. If you follow my idea on tradingview I was able to fill mostly around the 8800 and 8850 area.  Any dip lower than 8550 will have us reconsider. Traders should look for a breakout above 9200, or a dip back into the accumulation zone closely watching the 8800 support. At current price levels, swing trades should be aiming for 300 point moves until a better setup is found.




GVTBTC– Genesis Vision preparing for a major run:

Their telegram has sparked upcoming news and events ready to to propel GVT to new highs. If you have been avoiding buying GVT due its accumulation cycle, now is the time to seriously consider entering the coin.

STEEMBTC– STEEM can be a 2018 top performer:

You can check out their website: Steemit

They have a working product and I don’t see the trend falling on STEEM anytime soon. Look to buy near the 4000 support.


RLCBTC– Accumulation spikes and upcoming news:


RLC has barely moved during the recent bloody Monday. Which means there are more people buying and no one quite willing to sell at this price. Looking at the chart, we are in a strong tend with more upside to come.



IOSTBTC– Every Month IOST continues to be a top performer listed here:

Traders should look for a pullback on IOST near the 590-600 satoshi levels. Target will be over 700 for its next leg up.

IOST again

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