Trade Ideas & Technical Chart Analysis

Hello everyone, happy Easter. Enjoy your weekend and don’t stress out too much about the price of BTC.

BTC- Bounce and Retrace: Bitcoin has been bouncing off the 6.6k support. We still remain bearish as the overall trend is down, with longs still continuing to close their positions.

Price is currently trading at the 7k level trying to break upward past 7100. Traders should watch for a possible bounce upward targeting the 7200 and 7500 resistance levels.  We should be looking for any price action signals there to determine our next trade. We will be adjusting our risk/reward for this next trade to cover bitcoin’s volatility. You never want to be overtrading or rushing into the next trade. We will continue our analysis until we find a high probability price action signal. Next week I will go into detail some of my favorite signals for bitcoin.



AE- Month Long Swing Trade: 

Aeternity is finally starting to see some action. After the accumulation phrase lasting months we remain very bullish. Traders can look for a pullback if you did not accumulate from our last post here.

Ae price action

IOST- Ripping Upward Daily close continues to be higher:

No reason not to remain bullish on IOST. As Bitcoin was Falling IOST was continuing its major uptrend. With expected BTC consolidation we should continue to see higher and higher closes on IOST.



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