Trade Ideas & Technical Chart Analysis

As time goes on I will include trade setups for other markets as well.

BTC- Calm before the storm/ A little sideways action: Bitcoin moved sideways all this week, within the trading range structure you may have seen on my tradingview. We remain bearish as the overall trend is down. Price is trading below key resistance levels still. Traders can watch for a breakthrough near the 9000-9250 levels.  We will wait for price action sell signals that have a high probability of success around there or slightly above to get short. However, a breakthrough of this resistance would open the door for a larger push up to the 9800 area and would temporarily reject our bearish bias. We will be watching closely to see how the market reacts leading into the weekend.



SNT(Status) remains strong at support for the past week. Lately we have seen altcoins starting to spike up. Status will be on our watchlist to try scooping some up near support, Traders can look for buy signals at or around 1k satoshi levels.


Ae(Aeternity)– Bullish Pinbar signaling a buy opportunity

Ae has been accumulating for weeks now. We remain bullish on this coin as it was just recently listed on Binance and coins newly listed have a pattern of bouncing. we will continue to be accumulating AE.



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